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Who should tell our stories?

There’s a story told about old-time musician Tommy Jarrell. In the 1970’s, when people from outside Appalachia discovered Appalachian old-time music and were beating a path to sit with the old men (and women) and hear them play and learn … Continue reading

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Lynchings in Southwest Virginia

Recently, the New  York Times wrote about a new report (found here) from the Equal Justice Initiative, documenting nearly 4,000 racial lynchings of blacks across the southern states between 1877 and 1950.  According to a summary of the EJI report, … Continue reading

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Appalachian code switching

Last week NPR started an interesting conversation on Twitter by asking if public radio voices are “too white” and if those white-sounding public radio voices are limiting the audience, shutting out people who don’t necessarily choose to listen to people who … Continue reading

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This feels like being naked in the supermarket (I would guess)

I feel like I have read a fair number of blogs over the years, but it occurs to me I haven’t read any (that I recall) back to their birth, to see what awkward introduction their owners came up with. … Continue reading

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