This feels like being naked in the supermarket (I would guess)

I feel like I have read a fair number of blogs over the years, but it occurs to me I haven’t read any (that I recall) back to their birth, to see what awkward introduction their owners came up with. I feel a bit like I’m standing against a wall at a weird networking type of party where I don’t know anyone, wondering how to explain myself.

I’m here, this blog is here, because I increasingly feel like I have things I want to write about and ponder about Appalachia, my home region, and I don’t really have an outlet for that. Not without boring my Facebook friends, at least.

I don’t know how much explanation I owe the anonymous, faceless Internet, but here are the basics: I’m from Southwest Virginia, I moved away for work — not from any real intention to leave the mountains, I just followed jobs — and now I’m feeling homesick. Hence the clever blog name. I want to work through what I think about home, my own preconceived notions of it, what I see others writing or talking about when it comes to Appalachia, etc.

That’s why this is a blog, and not a Word document on my computer, tucked away beside half-formed story ideas. If I leave it hidden, there’s no accountability to make me keep working through this stuff. And I think best by writing. And if I fling this all out here to the Internet, maybe someone else will want to talk about these things too.

So, we’ll see. I’ve never had a blog before, and I tend to start things with enthusiasm and then find their upkeep to be daunting, but, you know, fingers crossed. There’s nothing I’m more interested in right now, from a life-work type of perspective, than Appalachia and its history and future and issues.


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